Icon set on the subject of childrens' online safety, screen time, and the dangers of online abuse such as cyberbullying, grooming and coersive control. Available on Iconfinder
Final Logo design and 'in progress' designs for a rare books startup based in Dubai.
A set of unique, quirky icons that capture the trend in NFT crypto art, blockchain mint editions and collectible trading cards. My illustration style icons are perfect for magazine or web articles about this new tech phenomenon. Available on Iconfinder
Icons I designed for an animation storyboard for the fintech company Inscribe. The icons on the seesaw represent 'customer experience' / 'security and visibility.'
Communication icons I designed for an animation storyboard for ESG / Smarsh. The icon style mixes line with filled highlights in the brand colour.
Icon animations created with LottieFiles. I either use their plugin to export my animations from After Effects, or I convert static SVG files with their online tool. View my Lottie profile.
Icon Collection for 'Design Skillsets'
Icon design for 'Gentrification'
Icon montage for 'Reusable Coffee culture'
Some of my icon contributions to the Noun Project so far. The Noun Project is a great icon resource that designers can contribute to. Designers are either credited or paid royalties for use of their icons. It's also a great way of researching visual ideas.

Check out their really user-friendly site here: The Noun Project
Icon diagram for 'Retinal Eye Scan'
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