Menu and game screens for my mobile Game '2 minute Words.'
Facebook Header for Qixel : Pixel Art Painter app
Promo image for 'Dippy Chick' - a pixel bird flyer game made with my qixel app.
Assets I created for an Android drawing app - 'Happy Brush'. I designed the buttons to subtly blend into the user interface.
Android promo banner for a Maths equation puzzle game with matchsticks!
Geometric game characters (in progress)
Appstore feature banner for Vlad's Vampire Bats app - October 2013
Android Header image for Vlad's Vampire Bats children's app
Screens I designed for a Mitsubishi Motors app that I'm project managing. The app is being developed for the Myanmar market.
Promo banner for an English Learning app for iOS and Android.
Facebook Header for Frosby Picnic Camp on iOS and Android.
App screenshot for Frosby Picnic Camp
Facebook Header for Frosby's Bouncy Castle
App screenshot for Frosby Learning Games 1
App screenshot for Frosby Learning Games 2
Character designs for Frosby Block Puzzle game
Flappy Longyi is one of the games I made with Burmese school children during the 'App Club' that I taught Jan-April 2015
Appstore links can be found here:
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