Qixel - Pixel Art Maker is a unique pixel drawing app with 4 shape styles for creating retro graphics and game sprites.

Qixel on iPad / iPhone

Qixel Logo
qixel burger
Artwork created with the circle qixel brush.
Some kinda qixel wizard..
Qixel App minimalist homescreen - choose your qixel shape! 
Qixel design using the opacity tool to add shading.
By drawing with the triangle shape, you can rotate the triangles at 90 degree angles to make origami-style designs.
qixelated Yoda
English Breakfast
A dancing duck who wants to be a reindeer!
T-shirt submission to Threadless.com
Inspired by the Hunger Games story - the US flag now represents the 12 districts of Panem.
Qixel Flag designs on phone, tablet and laptop skins.
Qixel Xmas video
How to draw Yoda with Qixel
Logo made with the Qixel app for the cryptocurrency PR site: Coin Viral
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