BRANDING: I design logos and merch for brands
STORYBOARDING: I storyboard motion graphics sequences with Adobe Illustrator
MOTION GRAPHICS SHOWREEL: I am a 2d motion designer using After effects
INFOGRAPHICS: I can design infographics, dataviz and maps to bring data to life
ICON DESIGN: I have designed many icon sets and individual icons, and this skill often comes in use for design projects.
PRESENTATIONS: I can put together PDF presentations or slide decks using Illustrator, Powerpoint and Google Slides.
WEBSITE DESIGN: I design and build websites using WordPress with the Divi Theme. Or happy to use Squarespace or WIX if the client prefers.
APP DESIGN: I have created 20+ apps for sale on Apple's App Store, Google Play and subscription networks. I am well versed in making app icons, marketing screenshots and promo assets. I enjoy designing the user interface in particular.
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