Branding and website design for the amazing silhouette artist Alison Russell
Art product website and logo design for talented textile artist David Braunsberg
Website for UK internet safety charity TechSafe. I have been working with them for many years as an app developer creating the TechSafe App series.
My app company website -
A website I created for my Icongraph App series on iOS
Nutritionist website - Lydia's Good Living Nutrition
Portfolio website for Graphic Designer Robin Hardy
How did I design these websites? 
All these websites have been created with WordPress and customised Divi layouts.
I use Divi because not only are the templates beautifully designed, they also animate, and sections can be duplicated and saved to your library. Font control, sizing image effects and making the layouts just how you want them is just so much easier in Divi than in other web software.
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